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BG Industries: A 51 Year History BG Industries Support Surfaces has been committed to designing, manufacturing and marketing the finest health care mattresses and therapeutic support surfaces for 51 years. Starting first with our MaxiFloat™ Continuous Hinge Innerspring Mattress in 1967, BG Industries has served to redefine what a health care mattress ought to be in acute, long-term care and home care settings. 1988: BG Industries helped pioneer the concept of pressure reduction mattresses in the United States and Europe with the introduction of the MaxiFloat™. The MaxiFloat was one of the first mattresses specifically designed to prevent and manage pressure sores. And with its unique design, served to revolutionize the way acute care hospitals treated their high risk pressure sore patients. The MaxiFloat Pressure Reduction Mattress marked a significant change in health care mattresses in that it was designed primarily for the patient and not the bed frame. With over 1,000,000 MaxiFloats sold, BG Industries Support System remains the leader in providing the finest in foam pressure redistribution and prevention mattresses. Our product offerings also include a full line of support surfaces from crib mattresses, bassinet pads, and OR pads. In addition to our branded products, BG also maintains numerous private label and other contractual OEM arrangements, further strengthening our market leadership position. 1992: Granted U.S. patent for Multiple Component (Pressure Relief) Mattress with Removable Cover 1995: Granted U.S. Patent for Heel Pillow Mattress; foam or fiber pillow in foot end of (pressure relief) mattress to further reduce pressure sores in the sensitive heels area. 1996: Granted U.S. Patent for Mattress Linen Securing Device, also known as Linen Locks™; helps secure bed linen. 1997: BG Industries introduced the new MaxiGuard™ Patient Reminder System available on our MaxiFloat and Extended Care Mattresses. This system with its unique raised and contoured side bolsters, serves as a "gentle reminder" to ensure that patients cannot inadvertently fall out of bed. 1998: We introduced the AccuMax™ Self Adjusting Pressure Management System. This technologically advanced system offers vital pressure redistribution therapy never thought possible without an electric cord. The AccuMax automatically and continuously self adjusts to create a custom pressure relieving profile for patients even with advanced skin trauma. Designed with current healthcare costs in mind, the AccuMax is destined to lessen the use of expensive, high-end rental beds in healthcare facilities at all levels. 2001: We introduced the AccuMax Quantum Systems, a new line of pressure redistribution systems that provide pressure redistribution as well as offering the option of gentle alternating low pressure therapy on demand. 2005: BG Industries introduced two new additions to our AccuMax Quantum line of products, the AccuMax Quantum Turn Support and the AccuMax Quantum Total Control. The Turn Support offers moderate patient rotation to combat the effects of patient immobility and the Total Control is designed to accommodate today's newest acute care bed frames for patients with up-in-chair orders. 2007: We introduced two more AccuMax Quantum products, the Turn Assist and the Quantum Complete. Both offer all of the features of previous models as well as an ergonomic turn assist feature to help in the repositioning of patient s. The Complete also offers vital low air loss therapy as an added option. 2009: We completed our AccuMax Quantum line of products to include an advanced pressure redistribution support surface for stretchers and gurneys. The new AccuMax Quantum Stretcher pad offers high levels of pressure redistribution therapy that rivals full systems on regular hospital bed frames. 2010: Awarded patent for MaxiFloat Pressure Redistribution Mattress and AccuMax Quantum Convertible in the Peoples Republic of China. While our mission statement has been modified over the years, to reflect the changes in the healthcare marketplace, BG Industries Support Surfaces remains committed to producing the finest products available for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers.

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