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Measuring the Effectiveness of an Advanced Pressure Redistribution System in Various Acute Care Facilities Introduction: Pressure ulcers, whether they are deemed avoidable and unavoidable, continue to be a challenge in healthcare facilities. The pain and human suffering, let alone the costs, can be devastating. Billions are spent annually to either prevent or treat pressure ulcers as the national average of nosocomial (in house) pressure ulcers remains at 7.2%. Purpose: The main intent of this publication is to summarize the results of numerous acute care hospitals that have chosen to employ a cost effective, advanced pressure redistribution system. This convertible system (non-powered or powered option) was chosen as an alternative to their current pressure management protocol, which included rental bed therapy for higher risk or existing pressure ulcer patients. Description of the Product: The product that is the focus of this publication is a state of the art support system that employs a series of interconnected air cells as well as a multi-layered topper system for added comfort. When non-powered, it works as a reactive surface that immerses and envelops patients to increase the body surface area to greatly lower interface pressures. When powered, the system then provides gentle alternating pressure therapy to combat the effects of prolonged patient immobility. Scope of the Project: Since the product was introduced to the healthcare market in late 2001, it has been implemented housewide in a number of leading healthcare facilities across the country. in every case on record, the clinical and financial outcomes have been nothing short of phenomenal. Once implementation was completed, along with in-servicing of nursing staff, protocol change and adoption of the new protocol; EVERY facility has recorded a significant drop in pressure ulcer incidence and an equally dramatic reduction in the use and costs of rental bed therapy. As validation of this product over time, one of the initial healthcare systems that adopted the product system wide recently charted their pressure ulcers statistics three years after the initial implementation of the product. The results obtained further confirmed that the product was still delivering effective therapy as incidence rates continued to drop as well as the related rental bed costs. Results Obtained: Following is a list of the facilities that have prepared individual presentations on their own charting the successes they have enjoyed using this product in their facilities. It is important to note that all of these statistics were compiled and analyzed solely by the facilities with no input or guidance from the manufacturer. Facilities: Sutter Health System (Northern California) Approximately 30 facilities Provena/St. Joseph Medical Center (Illinois) Christus Spohn Hospital Shoreline (Texas) International Healthcare System (Utah) 21 facilities Virginia Commonwealth University Hospital Sutter Health System Validation Study Jewish Hospital (Ohio) Baptist (Kentucky) Holmes Regional (Florida) Mercy (Pennsylvania)

Note: Average incidence rate prior to implementation was 9.97% and after implementation was 3.41%. Represents a 66% drop in incidence levels

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