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Even in the non-powered mode, the AccuMax PC System have clearly demonstrated improved clinical outcomes, and a dramatic reduction in time, energy, and COSTS. A top layer of luxurious Visco Elastic foam helps to create a custom body-conforming surface that increases patient envelopment and comfort, helping to lower interface pressures. Equipped with nine pressure-redistribution air sectors, our patented heel pillow and heel gradient; the PC provides therapeutic support over its six anatomically-inspired zones. The Streamlined Design Controlled Release™ valve technology automatically adjusts the system during patient movement and repositioning to provide consistent pressure redistribution therapy. Horizontally-oriented air sectors speed up reaction/recovery time. Low friction and low-shear nylon construction provide air sectors more freedom to react quickly. Never needs to be checked for proper inflation levels. The Anatomical Difference The AccuMax PC provides six distinct pressure redistribution zones along its multiple air sectors. It also includes a gentle heel gradient for lower interface pressure readings and enhanced heel protection.


Gentle Alternating Low Pressure Therapy The AccuMax Quantums can be ordered to offer alternating low pressure therapy. In seconds, the AccuMax Quantums can be attached to the quiet and compact control unit that adds gentle, alternating low pressure therapy. The AccuMax Quantums™ are clinically effective pressure redistribution systems whether or not you choose the powered option. Other products must always rely on electricity for patient therapy and support. Should a power loss occur, with the AccuMax Quantums, therapy is never compromised and patients are never at risk of bottoming out on the bed frame. Standard Mattress Sizes AccuMax Quantum™ PC Sizes 35 x 75 x 6 35 x 80 x 6 AccuMax Quantum™ Convertible Sizes 35 x 75 x 6 35 x 80 x 6 Flammability Standards All MaxiFloat and AccuMax mattresses meet Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633, and California Technical Bulletin #603. They also meet or exceed the following standards: California Technical Bulletin #117, #121, #129, and City of Boston IX-11.

Warranty Information

MaxiFloat mattress warranties apply to defects in structure, workmanship, and materials and only to damages arising from normal hospital/facility usage from the date of purchase. Damages arising from abnormal use such as those caused by needle punctures, burns, chemicals, negligent use or improper care or cleaning, are excluded from coverage. The manufacturer will pay shipping and handling charges incurred in connection with this warranty during the first year. Thereafter, those charges are the facility’s sole responsibility.

Please see individual product specifications for full warranty details.


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